Monday, December 27, 2010


I just typed all this stuff out and ended up deleting the entire thing accidentally!!!!  CRAP!!  Don't know if I want to recreate that or not.

Let's surfice it to say, I was in a funk for the last 2 days and need a Christmas attitude adjustment!  I won't go into all the stuff I said but the gest is I'm tired of trying to find the perfect gift for people when they don't seem to be that concerned about it in return.  I think I should just tell people I'm not buying gifts because I'm trying to get back to the real meaning of Christmas!  And I hate feeling this way because I always appreciate the fact that people give me something and don't expect a gift........

What I really wanted to post (ramble) about today was why I sabatoge myself when I have an event or something special I want to lose weight for.  For instance, my 30 year reunion was in October and I wanted to look great but what do I do instead is eat everything in site.  Is it the stress or the goal?  Is it the stress of feeling like I will fail?  We have a trip to the Dominican Republic in February where I will want to don a swimsuit.  I should have been working on this since I found out in October but NOOOOOO I'm eating everything in site.  I'm running and exercising but not watching what I eat.  And in my funk the last couple days, I could feel it coming on - the lack of ability to get serious about my goal.  Why do I have a goal?  Because I know when it gets here I will feel like crap because I will look like crap!!!

So this morning I really didn't want to go down on the treadmill and run so I told myself, just go down there and walk, don't run.  Well, by the time I got down there I ran.....2 miles.  So I was in the mood and did Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred.  So just getting going, was the key.  Today I plan on eating NO sugar because I have OD's on sugar the last couple days and need to break that cycle!  And I will start writing everything down that I eat too.

Breakfast after workout:
Arnold Bagel Thin with one egg (fried) and 2% piece of cheese.  Approx 200 calories.

Now it's off to walk downtown to the post office and bank.  Need to mail my Thank You notes.  There is a new book out they talked about on NPR regarding Thank You notes. 

Purses I made for people in my family.

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