Monday, October 18, 2010

Intuitive Eating

As I mentioned in my last post, I am really going to try and get my relationship with food straightened out.  I have been reading several blogs of ladies who run and work to eat healthy food.  I found a reference to this book in this blog.  I have done nothing but diet and stress about food for years.  I never got to the point of being bulimic or anorexic but I have tried every diet out there it seems like.  Weight Watchers (which was the most successful but when I wasn't 'honest' with my food journaling, everything fell apart and I have tried to get that back without success each time) Atkins, Zone, Sugar-Busters, Medifast and on and on and on!

I'M DONE!!!  I so want to be done!!

The blogger in the above mentioned blog talked about her years of unhealthy relationships with food and talked about how this is making a difference in her life so I decided to make a very small investment in the book and see if I can make some changes in the way I view food.

This morning I started out good, like I normally do.  Ran 3.1 miles and my pace was in the 9's each mile but ended up at an avg pace of 11 something......what's up with that but that's another post for another day!  Came home feeling good and had a 'smaller bowl' (remember I am trying smaller portions) of cereal
and drank a glass of water (again, a goal of mine to drink more water) and the wheels went off the cart about 11am.  Got out the wheat Thin crackers and started snacking.  Why?  I wasn't hungry....bored is my thought.  Started cleaning house rest of morning then fixed some Teriaki Noodles for lunch/dinner - have kickboxing tonight so can't eat too close to that so eat a late lunch or very early dinner. Felt like baking something (probably just wanted some sugar that would come in acceptable vegan form) and ate 2 vegan, chocolate chip scones and was STUFFED!!  Once again, eating when I am not hungry.....soooo frustrating.

I need to get in touch with eating only when I am hungry.  I do know that portions again play into this because when I eat too big a portion then I am not hungry again for several hours (doesn't stop me from eating!) so when I think it's 'the time' to eat I can't pass it up.  For instance.....I eat a big lunch and am not hungry when T and Hubbie sit down to eat but I think I have to eat too.....can't miss the opportunity to eat!!  And for some reason I think there will not be an opportunity to eat again.......

Not sure this vegan thing is going to work......I have sooo much gas and bloating I can hardly stand it.  I 'stink' all the time.  Not sure what to do but that's a post for another day.

Hope to have a good kickboxing hour!

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