Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photos up and running

Got my new SD card today so I can now post photos!
No breakfast shot....pre-WalMart but I had my usual bowl of Bran Flakes with Almond Milk.
Mid morning snack of WholeGrain toast with PB.

I WAS BAD again!  Ran my errands, in a wonderful happy mood, then to WalMart.  Made the mistake of even walking into the bakery area.  Bought 3 individual least I didn't buy an entire dozen (not sure that is truly something I should pat myself on the back about!).  Ate them all.  Not hungry but wanted sugar???? Really don't know!  Need to work on that one.

Did have a healthy lunch and here's a picture to show.
Whole Wheat tortilla with fat free refried beans, brown rice, black beans, chick peas, and lettuce. 

These are new......thought they were going to be incredibly addictive but they are okay.....nothing fabulous like I thought so they will be a nemisis but not too bad.

Saw Rachel Ray Show this morning. She had the host of a show about people who they called 'Freaky Eaters'.  One guy ate nothing but cheeseburgers morning, noon and nite.  Another lady was addicted to chocolate/sugar.  THAT I could relate to.  She said she basically just avoids it and never has it.  They were on a show on TLC called Freaky Eaters.   Just like this morning when I had to do the donut thing when I wasn't even hungry.  I feel I am definitely addicted...just not sure if it should be cold turkey or if I should learn to 'deal' with it and show some discipline.

Got a call for a job interview today at 4pm.  We'll see.......

Forgot to say, I did my run this morning.  I missed coming in under 33 minutes by 2 seconds!!!  2 measly seconds!!  I was so mad.  I need to come up with something where I can check my time better.  I have my nike+ app on my iphone which tells me that info but I keep in tucked in my wind-breaker inside pocket so there is no 'quick view' to check and see how I am doing without pulling it out of the pocket. 
This is what I really want but am not ready to breakdown and pay the money yet....maybe if I get a job I can do it then.

That's a crappy pic but you get the idea.

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