Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tailbone Tales

By the end of kickboxing class last evening my tailbone was again killing me!  It started last week, I think after our class on Thursday nite and was finally much better until class.  It has to be the sit ups we are doing.....the nite it first started hurting we did like 30 of them in a row and periodically thru out class.  Didn't notice it till we started stretching out at the end and I could barely sit!  I will be abstaining from situps at the next class...

On to other things.  Started out the morning lovely.  I have been seeing on some of the blogs I am following that many runners eat BEFORE they run and they eat PB&bananas alot.  I don't eat before I run and have begun to wonder if this is a detrement (sp?).  I roll out of bed about 6:15 in the dark, put on some clothes and head out.  Not sure if a full stomach would sit well for me.  I may have to give it a try or do more research on this topic.  ANYWAY.....I had a PB&J sandwich AFTER my run and I have to say, I have never been a big PB&J sandwich eater but they are REALLY GOOD....maybe too good.  Came back from walking T to school and continuing on with Bing-Lee (the Shar-Pei) for his morning exercise.  Had a smaller bowl of Bran Flakes then showered and headed out to shop. 
Here is where the train goes off the track.  I was going along, making smart food choices at Walley World and I am close to being done and the the sweets/bakery area is calling my name.  What do I do but pick up a box of donut holes and then eat half of it on the way home.  THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT WITH THE FOOD ISSUES!!  I was not even hungry but something was pulling me to those donuts.  This is what I have to fix.  Needless to say, I was stuffed and had no room for a healthy lunch option at home. 

I'm going to go research the eating before a run thing and see if I can decide if that will be a benefit or not.  I ran this morning 33:32.....I want to steadily get this down but I was faster yesterday than today.  Maybe it was the rest day in between?????
Anyway, nike+ tells me I'm at the orange level because now I have run total over 61 miles!!
I will start posting photos because words all by themselves are boring......need to get a new SD card.
Slow and steady right?

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