Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why does it rain on Saturday?

When I first started running about 3 months ago I remember thinking I wanted it to rain in the morning so it would keep me from having to go out and run.  Now, it's raining this morning and it was to be my 'long' run for the week (6 miles) and I am actually missing it!!  I have resolved that today is my rest day and I will do 6 miles in the morning - which is okay.  But it's funny what running or exercise can do to you!  You HATE it at first then if you can stay with it you become sort of 'addicted' and enjoy the 'exhaution'.  For me I always will not last forever and the end results are positive. 

Dinner last nite was pretty hasty.  I had run errands all day and was zoning out in my chair with my computer and all the sudden it's time for dinner and to go to the football game.  Had a salad with chick peas, black beans and mixed greens and a Morning Star Griller on an Arnold Multi-grain Sandwich thin.  Didn't get a pick except for the leftovers in the fridge for the salad.

Here's breakfast.....

And here's how I have been working on portion control.  The white bowl was my old portion the clear one is my new cereal bowl.

Most of the running/eating blogs I now love to follow talk about eating oatmeal every morning.  I did oatmeal for YEARS and loved it, still do but it never seemed to stay with me that long or give me much 'fiber' benefit.  I keep thinking I need to try it again and I do notice they put many additional ingredients on or in their bowl.  Maybe the PB (peanut butter) and add ins are the things that keep the 'staying power'.

Today we make a trip to 'the city'.  I need a new pair of running shoes - more on that later. And we want to reconnect with some of our dear friends from there. 

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