Saturday, October 16, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhhod

Yesterday I decided I would try to run my 3.1 mile route twice.  I mauled it over in my head for quite awhile trying to decide should I run a different route to try and make it be longer or should I just run my normal circle twice.  After much deliberation I decided to run my route twice. In the past when I didn't know how far I was going I spent the entire time wondering how far I was to my goal, this way I know approximately where I am in the 6 mile goal.

The morning was beautiful, not to cold not too hot so I was ready to go.  Started off and the first half mile I was really wondering if I set my goal too high.  My legs felt tired (I had tried my hardest to run my 5K route as fast as I could and each mile was in the 9 minute area but it was hard!) so I was worried I set this higher goal on the wrong day.  After about a mile and a half I settled in and started to feel better.  The wonderful thing about running is I am all the sudden half way thru or ending and I can barely remember the middle....kind of like all the sudden forget about the bad when you are at the end! 

Was feeling pretty good when I got to the point where I started the next 'lap'.  The second 'lap' surprised me in regard to how good I actually felt!  I ran till my nike+ told me it was 6 miles which was probably about 5 blocks from the house (had to add some to my normal route to make it be 6 miles).  Stopped and took this picture which is AWFUL of me.  I look at these other running blogs and these ladies look the same at the end of a marathon as they do at the first.  I look like an old woman who is dying!! LOL  I need to learn how to take a better picture to commemorate these milestones!

The picture will have to come later....can't seem to find where I saved it!

Here's my time according to Nike+.  
6.01 Miles
1:09:51 time
11:36 Avg pace
668 calories burned

My avg pace was slow BUT better than I thought it would be. It ended up being not that different than my daily 5K pace.  I was allowing myself to go as slow as needed just so I could finish the 6 miles WITHOUT stopping!  And I did it and did it faster than I thought I would.  So I would say it was a success!!

Got home and the dog was whining at me saying 'It's my turn now!'  He didn't care if I had run 3 or 6 miles, he knew the routine and it was his time to go!  Changed clothes on top because it would be very cold walking in those wet clothes.  Took him on his normal route then back home.

Decided this would be the perfect morning to try a tofu scramble recipe from Vegan with a Vengence.  Took about 20 minutes to make but it was good.  Again, I had a picture but can't find where it is.  Will show it tomorrow.  It definitely has a different flavor than regular scrambled eggs but I thought it was tasty.....I will tweek the spices alittle more to my liking next time.  Also had a Morning Star Farms sausage patty.  Again, it was the first time for these.  Good but I think would be better with something besides the spices in the scramble.  They didn't compliment each other well.

Today we go to a winery in Ursa, IL for some relaxation with some of Danny's friends from Edina.  Should be fun. 

The rest of my day will go well knowing I accomplished this goal this morning.  As I was finishing up I was thinking, you can run for over an hour without stopping and have the discipline to do this but you can't get your eating in order?  Yes, you can!

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