Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's been a hectic couple days! Hence the lack of posting.

Since our move to a small town in north east MO, we have been working on meeting people and becoming involved in the community.  My husband manages a business in town and joined the Chamber of Commerce.  When they were asking for volunteers to help plan an annual event called Taste of Palmyra he said I would love to do that.  So in August I began going to meetings where we began the planning of this event.  It has been a blast and what a GREAT way to meet people!  I have gotten connected with some wonderful people in these last few months and they have made me feel very much a part of the process.  I helped with registration of the food and craft vendors and also set up and maintained the Taste of Palmyra Facebook page.
Last nite was the big event.  The committee started at Breadeaux, the local pizza place at noon for lunch (I ate before I went so as to control what I ate - pat on the back!) then split out to do all our jobs.  Michelle and I took care of marking off the vendor spaces down main street.  I had sidewalk chalk and marked the 10ft space and wrote the name.  My legs were killing me this morning!!
The vendors started rolling in around 2pm so we checked them in and Michelle did some trouble-shooting as the afternoon went along.
This year we had more food and craft vendors than last year and the weather was perfect. 80 degrees!!  Once 5pm hit, the people started to show, and they just kept coming.

Kids dressed up for the Kids Parade and got candy from the downtown businesses.  I got the biggest kick out of this family!!!
My husband's work even had a booth and were really surprised how much they sold.  They gave away free dog food samples!
Palmyra has a restored Federal Prison from the Civil War and they had it open for a 'Spooky Walk'.  VERY COOL!
Stayed afterward to help the other committee members clean up.  Such fun hanging with the committee - we were all excited and on a 'high' because it was so successful!!
Now I have been recruited to help with 'Christmas in Palmyra'!  Lovin my new home town.


Post 6.2 mile run on Sunday morning.

Post Monday morning run.  Starting in eating oatmeal again in the mornings.  I used to be a huge oatmeal fan but I ate the instant stuff and didn't add anything hearty into it so it didn't last long during the morning.  After reading several blogs (see the side bar) there are many runners that eat oatmeal every morning but they add things in it.  This has almonds, apple butter (homemade from a vendor at Taste of Palmyra) peanut butter and raisins and this really fills me up!!

Didn't run this morning because my feet were still hurting and I was exhausted from my long day yesterday. 

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