Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fa La La La Laaaa

It's been about 5 years since I actually decorated the house for Christmas.  This had everything to do with my going back to working in a store.  I had been a district manager in clothing retail for several years and this meant weekends and nites off so I was in a better frame of mind to take the time to decorate.  Dealing with the day to day and customers wore me out so by the time I was home I just wanted to rejuvenate which meant doing 'fun' things like reading, knitting, watching TV etc and it didn't include taking the time to decorate.  I have a lot of decorations from the past and have gone all out before but haven't felt like if for quite awhile. was different.  For one thing, we cleaned out the last storage space from the move and all our decoration boxes were in there so they were out and accessible. 
I have to admit, it was fun putting it all together.  Here's the results.
Not sure why this photo is so yellow!

A little more detail on the side.
Manger scene.

Corner cabinet in dining room....there are two of these.

Kitchen window.

Each window in the front has a candle as well as the side windows in dining room and kitchen window.

Didn't take pics of the front or the wreath on the door I made on the fly.  I'll take more in the daylight.

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