Saturday, November 6, 2010

Icing the Injury

I  have been dealing with a sore knee for the last couple weeks.  It's not bad and it really only hurts when I first step down on it but it really worries me that it could get worse.  After several days of doing nothing (I can be so dense at times!) I finally saw some blogging ramblings about how to lessen injury.  And it included ice on the knee!!! 

Duh on my part so I have started putting the ice on many times a day and haven't run (it's kind of killin me!) since Thur morning.  I really wanted to do a long run this morning but it hurt when I stepped out of bed so decided to give it a little more time.

Did walk the dog this morning for a couple miles and it didn't feel too bad but I had also just iced it. Icing it now after the walk too.  I am trying to be patient so it doesn't turn into something worse but it's really hard when you get this in the mail and want to try it out!!!

For now it will have to wait.  Maybe tomorrow and not a long one just a short one!

Food log:

1/2 c oatmeal cooked in 1 c of almond milk. Stirred in a few slivered almonds, one sunflower cookie, T of apple butter, T natural PB and chia seeds.  SOOOO good and it always sticks with me quite a while.

Just had 3 whoppers - T had dug them out of his Halloween candy and I couldn't resist - altho I should.

Not sure what lunch will be.....maybe a small tortilla with FF refried beans, cheese and some lettuce.

Heading to St Louis.  My niece is having a wedding shower.
And Nephew is running in State Cross Country as a FRESHMAN!!!!  Awesome!  He smokes my butt in time so bad it's not even funny!  Have a mentioned I am a SLOW runner???  At least I am out there doing it right?

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