Sunday, November 7, 2010


My niece will be getting married in December to Justin - wonderful guy!  Her sister Dana hosted a shower at their mom's (my older sister Sue) house.
Dana's theme for the shower was 'Awesome 80's' and you could dress up accordingly if desired.....I didn't desire!
There was really fun food.....all made by Dana.
There were games - which I participated in under derress!!!  I hate those shower games but we made the most of it.

Here's the bride in her beautiful toilet paper wedding dress - just stunning!

Sisters - me on the left (I am the middle child), Di (the youngest) in the middle, and Sue (the oldest) on the right.  And no, we are not all natural blondes!

Last weekend Di and I bought the very same shoes at the same time and low and behold, we worn them on the same nite!!

Jenna with her gift from me.  Dana her sister is right behind her with the red hair.

So did my strategy for not over-eating work?  Pretty much.
Here's what I ate:
Around 2:30 - 1/4 of a Think Thin bar that I purchased at Trader Joe's
Around 4pm - another 1/4 of the bar - was trying to not be starving when I got to the shower.
At the shower:
      2 small glasses of Sangria
      3 pac man cookies
      1 cupcake
      fresh fruit
      2 pieces of cheese pizza
Not too bad I didn't think.......normally I would have eaten tons more than that.

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