Saturday, November 6, 2010


Food Log:

Small tortilla with ~2T of FF refried beans, T of Mexican blend cheese.  Microwaved to melt and heat then rolled.
1/2 c of 'Dad's Coleslaw' with chickpeas.
1/2 of the PB&J sandwich T didn't finish.
And here's the kicker......I had just brushed my teeth so NONE of it tasted as good as it should have.  Maybe I need to be using that trick more often.

Afternoon plan........make sure I have something to snack on BEFORE I get to the shower because I will eat WAY too much if I don't.  Hoping to go to Trader Joe's in St Louis before the shower and maybe I can find something there like granola bars or something that would make a good snack.  I just know that when I am ravenous I get cranky AND will then just start eating everything in site!!

Dinner plan:  Not sure what they are having at the shower so need to be thinking portion size for sure!!!

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