Monday, January 10, 2011

I want to be Lazy

Today was another one of those days I just didn't want to get my butt off my cozy, soft chair and workout!  "Just one more look at facebook, just one more deal of solitaire"!!  Finally, I just got up and did it.  Saying I would just do one fast (for me, turtle for most!) mile.  Got on the treadmill and one became 2 without much effort.  Then Level 2 with Jillian and Co and I'm wiped out but feeling good I did it!  I am seeing results so I just have to keep going!!

Didn't exercise yesterday so really needed it today!  Food was okay this weekend but I did eat a little too much a couple times - and boy did I feel crappy!  I like it so much more when I eat the 'right' portions because I don't have that full and bloated feeling!  And then I am actually hungry when it's time for my next meal.
     Usual - oatmeal with fixings
     My usual lately.....Sabra humus on tortilla with romaine lettuce.
     Fat Free yogurt with granola

A couple of the blogs I pay attention to (actually 'addicted to') talked about this show on MTV.

I watched one episode this morning and it actually was calling to me that I should get up and workout!  The one I watched was about a HS Senior who wanted to lose over 100 lbs in 6 months.  That meant she had to lose over 6 lbs a week.  Not sure that is the recommended about to be safe but I'm not a professional by any means!  When trying to lose weight we all have 'obsticles' to overcome and she had a mother that was a major one!  The mother was thin but she kept snacks 'for the younger kids' in the house that were tempting for Gabrielle and the mother was insistent she continue to keep them in the house and even admitted that she had put them out on the counter 'just to see' if she would eat them.  The mother said she wanted her to lose weight but that didn't sound like she was being very supportive.  There were a few other incidents regarding her being non-supportive but the bottom line it Gabrielle ended up being able to listen to 'herself' and ignore what her mom was telling her and do the right thing.  She didn't lose the entire 100 lbs but she looked GREAT!  There was another episode on after that but I 'needed to go workout' after watching that and couldn't delay any longer! LOL  But this next girl wanted to lose 90 lbs in 3 months (if I remember that correctly)  That's outrageous!  I tried to DVR it but we have a new DVR and I obviously don't have a clue on it......I recorded just a few minutes then shut off. I will be checking it out again!
Do you think these shows are a good influence or bad?

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