Monday, January 3, 2011

When your dress pants won't fit!

When your dress pants won't comfortable fit you freak out.  Yesterday morning when I was getting dressed for church I put on a pair of dress pants and the were so tight!  I just felt this so overwhelming anxiety.  I feel like I have been trying so what can I do if that doesn't even work????? 
But here is what I decided:
1.  I'm not really, I'm not.  I'm exercising but still eating too much food.  This is my nemisis.....too much food.
2.  I wear stretchy pants all the time and have no clue what my pants are really fitting like.  When I worked I had to put them on everyday so I was able to keep it in check.
3.  Being vegetarian is making it even harder to eat out.  Need to work that out.
4.  It's my responsibility ALONE....I need to accept this.  There is a part of me that wants to blame this on someone else or something else.
5.  It's hard work......I like easy and I KNOW it's a lot of work but for some reason I keep thinking it could magically be easy.

So once again I start to try and fix my eating. Here's what I ate yesterday:
     Oatmeal (1/3c)  with add-in's of PB, oat squares, almonds, chia seeds
     Didn't eat anything, not hungry - I know, I know......bad idea but I wasn't hungry.  I need to only eat when I am hungry.  Later in the afternoon I was hungry so had some wheat thins.
     2 eggs scrambled with 2 pieces of 45 calorie bread

     Ran on the treadmill 5.2 miles for 60 minutes.  Didn't really want to get on there but after the tight pants crisis I had to do something so just got on there and decided I would listen to my music and NOT look at the time or distance till the play list was over so I did it......then the last song is Firework by Katie Perry which I love so I just kept playing it over and over, getting lost in the song and before I knew it, I was at 50 minutes and just finished out the other 10 minutes.

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